Our beautiful 100% natural products are not only made in New Zealand, they are made on-site at the herb farm destination. The herb farm destination is known as 'the home of the herb farm products' and we believe having complete control over this important process means our products are even more effective and beautiful to use.

Our manufacturing area was fitted out specifically for the manufacture of our products and includes a labelling/finished product storage room, raw material store room and the manufacturing room which is where all the magic happens!

Ingredient Integrity

We have strict raw material and supplier criteria’s and processes to ensure that all ingredients are natural and of the highest quality. Our processes and procedures are all designed to meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and allow traceability and consistency of batches and products.

As we have grown and our batch sizes increased we have strived to ensure that our manufacturing processes are kept as simple as possible to retain the goodness and integrity of the products.

We make some of our herbal tinctures and sun-infused oils from our organically-grown gardens and these are combined with other ingredients sourced from only the most reputable and ethical suppliers.

Made with Love

We make some of our own ingredients including floral waters and Himalayan crystal salt sole, these containers have words such as 'love', 'peace' and 'harmony' written on them. We believe that these positive words and vibrations are infused into the ingredients and make a real difference.

All products are made consciously with positive thoughts and love put into them - this is part of the formal processes. Our manufacturing team is very mindful of what they are thinking when making the products and you can feel the love in them.

When you next put your herb farm product on, know that there is love and positivity in it - we think we can feel it in there.