Our dedication to best practise and best quality.

All our products are produced on site. This means we maintain full control of our processes from garden and ingredients, to production, packaging and dispatch.

Our commitment to our customers and accessible natural well being.

Living a natural life shouldn’t cost a fortune or cost the earth. We believe natural well being should be accessible to everyone and we take great care of our customers, choosing to sell our highly effective range at affordable prices.

Our attitude.

We thrive on a culture of positivity, love and learning. These elements are infused into everything we do. Our greatest teacher is nature itself and what we learn, we share with others. The closer we come to nature the better we become as people and as a brand.

Our authenticity.

Family owned and operated, the herb farm is a place people can visit. We grow our herbs - our fresh, active ingredients - in our own gardens.

Our formulations are unique to us.

Founder Lynn Kirkland is a renowned herbalist and expert in her field. Lynn is responsible for creating our product formulas. All unique to the herb farm, our formulations are 100% natural.

Our uncompromised stand to maintain integrity of our brand.

We have nothing to hide. We live and advocate a natural lifestyle and go to great lengths to stay true to ourselves and our customers. What we don't grow ourselves, we source from sustainable, ethical sources.

Cruelty Free Accredited.

Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – an independent Australian non-profit organisation campaigning for a ban on animal-tested cosmetics.

Our Belief in Herbs and Nature

Herbs and their amazing properties are at the core of our business and our products. We believe that nature knows best and this is reflected in our highly effective products based on the healing properties of herbs

Lynn Kirkland (the herb farm founder and herbalist) talks about why she was inspired by herbs:

I developed a love of gardening in my late teens and when Bill and I married and bought a house in the country developing the gardens to be as self-sufficient as we could was very important to us. We explored the use of herbs for companion planting.

Having a family led on to wanting natural treatments and so growing and using herbs for first aid purposes was a natural progression.

We were amazed at the efficacy of simple herbal treatments and so I decided to study these wonderful plants. I completed a two year herbal diploma in 1990 and was so inspired by the results of the teas, creams, balms and syrups that I had made during my study that I decided I needed to share my passion and my awe of these amazing herbs by starting a business called “The Herb Farm”.

Why do herbs work so well?

Herbs (healing plants) are our original medicines and I believe that their essence or energy as well as the plant nutrients and natural phyto-chemicals resonate perfectly in our bodies. People have forgotten how to trust nature and instead rely on chemical pharmaceuticals and put up with the side effects.

I love the term 'botanical simplicity' and believe if people open their minds and try herbs as their front line approach to wellness then they would become passionate about the powerful healing effect these humble plants can have.

Why do we use them in the products?

We believe that the restorative healing and beneficial effects on the skin of herbal extracts is second to none. Some of our extracts and oils are lovingly made from herbs grown at the herb farm. All herbs used in our products are carefully chosen for the benefits they bring to the formulas.

The products are ‘made with love’ and carry a high healing resonance from the plants, as well as energy input throughout the process of becoming a product for skin care or healing.

Results and Stories

When I am in our onsite shop and people ask advice about which product is best for the problem they want help with, I am always excited to see them experience what can be immediate relief, and after 20 years of this it still gives me the same thrill that it did when I started.

Recently a lady enquired about bursitis in her shoulder. I suggested our pain ease cream and she rubbed a little on the effected shoulder. Within minutes she had a bemused look on her face, and said "no, it can't be", the pain was gone and she said “how can that work so quickly?”.

I replied that our creams were amazing and that the herbs such as St Johns Wort for nerve pain, Menthol Mint as an analgesic and Comfrey for repair of damage would be working their magic as she rubbed the cream in, herbal magic in action.

I love it.

Our rose face cream uses several ingredients from the herb 'Rose' (flower of love). It is always a delight to see the sensory experience of this cream in action. A little is rubbed on the skin and exclamations of how soft the skin feels is heard just before the scent of the rose reaches the nostrils and a look of bliss transforms the stresses of a busy life away.

Herbs are humble yet powerful healing forces of nature and we can enjoy their benefits through our skin care and healing products.

Choose the herb farm products where nature resonates safely and harmoniously with each and every person.